C r a f t s P e o p l e

Wine Maker

J a m e s M u s i l

When Jim was young, he always worked in the garden and enjoyed watching things grow and being outside. That is why he majored in biology. 

After teaching high school Biology for a few years, he then discovered that he liked chemistry as well.  So, he got a masters in chemistry, continued to teach high school and then moved to the college level.

With retirement approaching, he needed something to satisfied his love for growing and his interest in chemistry. Running a winery fulfilled both.  Not to mention the end product was quite enjoyable. Now he experiments with new plants, new methods, and new blends to please his palate and those of his customers.

Wine Production Manager

A u s t i n M u s i l

Austin has always loved being outside. Chances are, whether he is working, playing or just napping, you’ll find him there. He loves to build from the ground up. So naturally, he found a career landscaping where he got to design, build and plant.

When the discussion of opening a winery occurred, he jumped at the chance to be outside growing, harvesting and streamlining the production process from plant to bottle.

He is in charge of the vineyard, maintenance, landscaping and production.

Wine Advisor

T a m m i e M u s i l


Tammie grew up on a farm and loved being outside. She has always loved planting and growing flowers and to coordinate how things look and flow. She is a natural born organizer.

After retirement, the winery provided her with an opportunity to use her organizational skills and to continue working with plants. But her favorite role at the winery is being the official wine taster.  All new wines and blends are approved by her before production.  

Before anything goes public, she is consulted first.


S a n d y M a r c h

In Training….

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Vineyard Animal Pest Control

S u n n i e


Sunnie joined the team in 2020. She has always loved to hunt and chase anything that moves. With this love of chasing, she fit the position of pest control for the vineyard perfectly. A position she takes seriously.

However, her drink of choice is still water.